Making climate change visible, through the power of photo-realistic images

For the coastal counties, where forty percent of Americans live, flooding related to rising sea levels is reshaping lives, livelihoods, and landscapes. In the ten years that Climate Central has been researching and communicating these threats through digital maps, data, and imagery, we have found that photo-realistic imagery of future impacts draws significant response in terms of spreading awareness of, concern for, and action to reduce humanity’s carbon emissions.

FloodVision®, an innovative tool developed by Climate Central, uses advanced data collection techniques, AI-based algorithms, and intuitive software to produce science-based augmented-reality visualizations of specific locations. These visualizations can contrast meaningful scenarios, such as sea levels based on different carbon pathways or local storm surge forecasts from approaching hurricanes. FloodVision is designed to empower to Climate Central’s broad media networks, as well as local governments, agencies, NGOs and other coastal stakeholders, such as emergency managers who can use the imagery to strengthen evacuation warnings and other safety measures.

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As a TV meteorologist, these [FloodVision] visuals would be game changing, because it would make it much easier… to show viewers what abstract numbers like ‘10-15 feet’ of storm surge really means—life or death.

Jeff Berardelli, Chief Meteorologist and Climate Specialist, WFLA News Channel 8 Tampa Bay

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