About us

Our mission

Climate Central communicates climate change science, effects, and solutions to the public and decision-makers.

Who we are

Climate Central is an independent group of scientists and communicators who research and report the facts about our changing climate and how it affects people’s lives. We are a policy-neutral 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Climate Central uses science, big data, and technology to generate thousands of local storylines and compelling visuals that make climate change personal and show what can be done about it. We address climate science, sea level rise, extreme weather, energy, and related topics. We collaborate widely with TV meteorologists, journalists, and other respected voices to reach audiences across diverse geographies and beliefs.

Our programs



Articles, stories, and segments using Climate Central content to communicate climate change impacts and solutions reach local audiences nearly every day



Audiences in nearly every country have seen Climate Central maps and visualizations, and read or heard commentary from our scientists

What sets us apart

Climate Central is the only climate communications group that produces and disseminates localized and visual content weekly and at national scale; co-houses scientists, journalists, and technologists; and conducts and catalyzes original, peer-reviewed scientific research to fill critical communication gaps.

We have built strong relationships with thousands of trusted, mostly local messengers who deliver our content. Local relevance and credibility make our communications effective; the broad scale of our efforts help advance national and global conversations.

Our impact

Climate Central's best-in-class global elevation data anchored visualizations and maps used at the 2021 UN Climate Conference to illustrate sea level rise projections. To date, our online maps and tools have been used more than 10 million times. Our 10-year-old Climate Matters program provides production-ready graphics and climate science reporting resources to meteorologists and journalists in 95% of U.S. media markets. Along with a small team of international experts, our scientists launched the groundbreaking World Weather Attribution, changing the narrative on links between climate change and individual extreme weather events. Our pioneering attribution work continues with the Climate Shift Index, which along with our other tools and data analyses support communication, planning and adaptation initiatives around the world.