Dan Krueger

Project Manager & Technical Field Producer, FloodVision

With a 25-year career spanning Television Production and Digital Marketing PR/Social Media Industries, Daniel Krueger brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. From producing and scripting prime-time shows, Daniel has now embraced the challenge of climate change as the lead Project Manager and Technical Field Producer for Climate Central's groundbreaking FloodVision project. FloodVision redefines the intersection of climate science and technology, wielding the power of cameras, Lidar, GPS, and AI to significantly reshape our understanding of sea level rise. Before this role, he excelled as the COO of a digital marketing agency, leading multicultural teams while crafting potent influencer outreach, reputation management, and social media strategies. Beyond his professional life, Daniel is a dedicated husband and father, a CrossFit Coach, photographer, and a fervent food and fitness enthusiast.